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Bamboo Working Details
Bamboo Beds
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Bamboo Sofas and Couch Tables

For living room, terrace, winter garden
Bamboo Furnishing to feel and enjoy...

Lebak Bed / Sofa
Construction like Bed Lebak(see beds.)  3-level head part
(100x200 bzw. 70x200 cm)

Photo as waterbed / sofa

see below

Bamboo Sofa / Bed Lebak
Bed-Sofa Lebak 


Bamboo poles   10 cm
Bindings: rattan

Yellow or black stained bamboo
Windings: rattan
(see Details )

Usage as  Sofa or Bed

Inside  70 x 200 (Sofa),
100 x 200 (Bed)

Lebak - Boot Gruppe
Bed -Sofa Lebak used as Sofa

Bamboo poles   11-12 cm
Bindings: sea grass rope
Seat area: bamboo slats
Back rest: bamboo slats
Assembly: fixed

Yellow bamboo
Windings:  sea grass or rattan
Pole ends: Mahaggoni caps
(see Details )

Outside (WxHxD)
3-seater: 205 x 52 x 80 cm
2-seater: 141 x 52 x  80 cm (fig.)
1-seater:   82 x 52 x  80 cm

Kulon Gruppe 1- und 2- Sitzer
Sofa Kulon

Construction Couch Table
Bamboo poles:   8 cm
Top and bottom: bamboo slats
Assembly: fixed

Features Couch Table
Yellow bamboo
 Windings: rattan

Dimensions: 120 x 65 x 42

See below

Sofa / Chair Set Kulon
Sofa / Chair Kulon, Couch Table, Screen


                 See above

Sofa / Chairs Kulon, Couch Table Black


Construction Boat-Table
Made as "dug-out canoe"
Bindings: sea grass rope and rattan bindings

incl. 2 traditional paddles
Opt. glass plate

Yellow bamboo, ca 18-20 cm Wound with sea grass

L x H x W  200 x 45 x 60

Boat Couch Table


Example Sitting Corner
Sofa Lebak (see Beds)
Boat Table

Upholstering optional

Sitting Group Lebak
Sitting area with Boat-Couch Table


Construction Sofa

Bamboo poles   11-12 cm
Seat area: bamboo slats
Back rest: poles 6 cm
Assembly: fixed

3 or 4 Seater
Yellow or black stained bamboo
Windings:  rattan
(see Details )

Outside (WxHxD)
220 x 80 x 88 cm

Sitting area (WxD)
180 x 55 cm

Upholstery optional

Sofa Golden Lotus

Construktion Chair
like Sofa Golden Lotus

1-Seater (sytem like Sofa)
(siehe Details )

Outside (WxHxD)
90 x 80 x 88 cm

Sitting area (WxD)
60 x 55 cm

Upholstery optional

Chair Golden Lotus


Divider Screen

Bamboo poles   7-8 cm
3-parts w. bamboo  hinges

Yellow or black bamboo Windings:  rattan
Cover: bamboo lattice, carpet
Various patterns
Deliberate number of elements.
Dimensions standard:
 (3 x 65) x 200 cm

Screen / Separator



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